Instagram #blackandwhitenovember movie

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I love Instagram, and have been posting daily for nearly a year now.

I recently decided to take the month of November 2016 and post only black and white photos, using the tag #blackandwhitenovember.

The images were a mix of shots from my trusty Fujifilm X100T and iPhone 5C. Can you spot the difference…? (Hint: it’s VERY obvious.)

I was pretty pleased with the exercise, and wanted to try and make a movie about the results.

Making a movie

I’m finding that every time I sit in front of editing software (just iMovie at the moment…) I REALLY enjoy using it. It’s a new way of creating content for me, although I have made two movies before (here and here).

This time around, I wanted to cut and edit to a great piece of music, and see if it would add anything to the movie. I think it does!

After a couple of hours in the edit suite, I’m really happy with the result. If you get a chance, take a look, subscribe, give it a ‘like’ & share. Thanks for your time!